Healthcare Heroes Chocolate Donation


As a small, local New Hampshire Chocolate Maker, we are doing everything we can to support our NH community in this time of need. Loon Chocolate is pledging to supply New Hampshire Healthcare Organizations with our chocolate.  We plan to donate our chocolate for at least the next 8 weeks (June 1st) with a goal of over 100+ bars per week to local Healthcare Heroes.   These heros are in the hard battle working tirelessly to protect you and your loved ones while putting themselves and families at risk.  With your contribution for as little at $3 you can help us hopefully place some joy on a Healthcare Heroes face, if only for a moment with some of our chocolate.


P.S.  This isn't a CrowdFunding effort, we at Loon Chocolate have decided that WE will do this, period.  If you choose to help in our efforts we thank you and appreciate your support.


Stay Safe

Scott & Jackson