-   A Brief History  -

Chocolate has a long history dating back thousands of years to Central and South America. In most of its historical use, chocolate was a beverage consumed during ceremonies and celebrations, as well as for medicinal use. This form of chocolate was much different from what most of us think of today; it was a warm, unsweetened beverage containing coarsely ground cacao beans mixed with water.


After Spanish explorers were exposed to the magic of cacao beans in the 1600s, they brought the beans back to Europe, where this chocolate beverage slowly grew in popularity with the elite and wealthiest Europeans.


During the early 1800s, the Dutch discovered a way to separate cocoa butter from the rest of the cacao bean to create a milder product, commonly known today as Dutch processed cocoa powder. This product helped pave the way for ready-to-eat chocolate bars.


Over the next 200 years, cacao beans became a worldwide commodity used in many different ways. Chocolate is now one of the top flavors in desserts of all kinds—cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, and, of course, chocolate bars. And cocoa butter is used not only in chocolate, but also in luxury skin and hair care products.


During the American industrial era, food production was greatly streamlined, ushering in cheaper, milder-tasting, mass-produced chocolate. Unlike chocolate in its earlier incarnation, when much more of the cacao bean was present, today’s mass-marketed product needs only about 10% cacao beans and cocoa butter to be considered chocolate. Very similar to the coffee and beer industries of the time, cheaper ingredients and additives became the norm in chocolate available in stores and restaurants. Sadly, as the chocolate industry grew, the unique, robust, specialty flavor profiles inherent in cacao beans and other natural ingredients all but vanished.


At Loon Chocolate, we think differently! We want you to taste the subtle, savory, and sweet differences our chocolate offers and celebrate all types of chocolate from around the world—one bar at a time. We are very proud to offer you our premium selection of specialty chocolate bars and hope you embrace the diversity of each flavor. We continue to source exciting new products from around the globe, so keep checking back to see the variety we have in store for you!


We hope you enjoy our small-batch chocolate made right here in New Hampshire!




Scott and Jackson, owners of Loon Chocolate